28 дек. 2010 г.

Обогащаем запас сленговых выражений

Позабудем о скучной грамматике или о невеселых фонетических упражнениях. Давайте предадимся парочке-другой забавных выражений и слов, которые „попахивают” сленгом и уличным жаргоном. Несмотря на их сильно сленгово-разговорный характер они [эти речевые единицы] уже проникают в речь молодежных слоев англоязычного населения через тв сериалы и развлекательные передачи…

Я не буду переводить их на русский язык, так как объяснения на английском, по-моему, также заслуживают внимания.

truthanize, v – to inform someone about the harsh truth in a brutal manner. It’s like to euthanize, but with the truth.
e.g. Did you see how he got truthanized at the end of the movie?

tween, n – a girl age about 9 to 14. Too old for toys, but too young for boys. Tweens usually follow all popular trends set for them.
e.g. Justin Bieber’s fans are all tweens.

twixter, n – a person of the age between 18 and 26 and a bit beyond, who does not want to transition to responsibilities of adulthood.
e.g. John is turning 27 today, but he is still living with his parents and partying all the time. I wish I had his life of a twixter.

urban amish - people who have none of technological devices we use daily (tv, stereo systems, computers).
e.g. I need to visit my urban amish relatives next week. I will stay there for a week. A week with no Internet!

regift, v - to rewrap a gift one has received and give it to someone else.
e.g. Emma gave Bob this book as a gift. He must have regifted it to you and you are now regifting it to me. You should have looked through the book and found Emma’s postcard in it before giving the book to me.

ride, n - a mode of transportation.
e.g. Let’s take John’s ride. It’s an SUV and has a powerful a/c.

Nike defense - running away from a possible confrontation, particularly with one’s Nike sports shoes on.
e.g. Our squad was running short of ammo. The only way to get out of there alive was to use the Nike defense.

fence rider, n - someone who never takes sides in a confrontation.
e.g. John is such a fence rider. He never takes sides.

evoid, v - to use technology to avoid human contact.
e.g. When I was crossing the street, I noticed Jim waving at me. I used my iPhone to pretend I didn’t see him and evoided him successfully.

DINK, n - about couples: Dual Income – No Kids. Said about young families, who decided not to have kids.
e.g. - Why are you two always travelling?- Why not? We are DINKs, so no kids and plenty of money to squander.

Надеюсь, что вы улыбнулись некоторым сленговым выражениям и примерам, в которых они использовались. Подтверждаю, что данные выражения понятны американцам. Но не уверен насчет других англоязычных стран.

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  2. жаль, что нет объяснения на русском

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