23 мая 2009 г.

It’s the first step that hurts. Let’s begin!

Предлагаю небольшую подборку идиомов на тему “начать/начинать” с объяснениями на английском, а также примерами.

hit the ground running
MEANING: to begin a task with a lot of energy and enthusiasm
e.g. John has hit the ground running on that psychology project. He’s already found funding for it!

get off on the wrong foot
MEANING: to begin badly
e.g. After we moved in we had an argument over the bathroom. We really got off on the wrong foot.

start the ball rolling
MEANING: to start something happening
e.g. When looking for a new job I started the ball rolling by calling my old friends.

from the word “go”
MEANING: from the very beginning
e.g. She knew from the word go they would never be friends.

from scratch
MEANING: to start again from the very beginning without anything used previously
e.g. Starting a new family from scratch was not for him.

wipe the slate clean
MEANING: to give somebody another chance without paying attention to past misdoings
e.g. Once the children were punished, the slate was wiped clean.

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  1. start afresh/make a fresh start/make a new start

    If you say that you are going to turn over a new leaf, you mean that you are going to start to behave in a better or more acceptable way. He realized he was in the wrong and promised to turn over a new leaf.

  2. to turn over a new leaf = to wipe the slate clean - начать новую жизнь :)

  3. As far as I know "start from scratch" is similar to "go (be) back to square one (start from square one)" и "go back to the drawing board" - от печки (начинать делать).

  4. Как-то попалось выражение to make smth from scratch, но не совсем разобрался со значением.

  5. Есть выражение to keep the ball rolling. Насколько оно отличается от to start the ball rolling?

  6. moreover, I've heard "set the ball rolling“ used several times.

  7. Jump the gun - to do something prematurely; to start something early, before all the preparations have been made (начать что-либо до положенного времени): You bought your son a football and he's only six weeks old. Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little?

  8. The expression "jump the gun" probably originates from foot racing in which an overly anxious runner would accidentally begin the race before the starting gun was fired.

  9. To jump the gun - Поперед батьки в пекло лезть :-D

  10. get down to smth/doing smth (informal) - to finally start doing smth, after you have been avoiding doing it or after smth has prevented you from doing it: Come on Bill - it's time you got down to some homework. Once the summer's here we must get down to painting the outside of the house.

  11. Early start makes easy stages. (a proverb)

  12. get off the ground - приступить к выполнению чего-то

  13. to clean the slate/to wipe off the slate - сбросить груз старых ошибок, заблуждений; избавиться от всех старых обязательств

  14. GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD - get started; Example: I can't wait any longer. If we don't get the show on the road, I'm going to have to schedule this meeting for another day. (Synonym: get down to business)